Our Story

Bai Tong opened its door on 6th October, 2011. This is our first ever venture into the food business.

Aash-IrinaWe are long time Tempe residents who are adventurous and sometimes brilliant home cooks. When not working at our corporate jobs, food and travel are our passion.

After years of talking and wishing someone would start up a restaurant in Tempe, we put our money where our mouth is and took the plunge ourselves.

Since then we’ve been called anything from silly, stupid, brave, brilliant, clever and every word in-between, but most of all we have been overwhelmed by the support of our local community and people that we have met and got to know since we opened our door.
Our philosophy is very simple – we want to provide our customers with Thai and Asian cuisine that is modern, but still true to its roots. Anything not good enough for us to eat will not appear on our menu.

We are passionate about freshness, our environment and supporting local businesses. Where possible, we source sustainable local produces from local businesses.

Our Asian menu is designed in-house based on tried and tested recipes from our childhoods drawing inspiration from our mums and grandmas.
Whilst we have to continue working our “day job” to make ends meet, we love our little eatery where we are allowed to chase our dream and be creative.

Please let us know of your experience in Bai Tong, we love to hear compliments but most of all we want to hear if you feel we can improve on anything.

Your hosts: Irina and Ash