Bai Tong Thai's Larb Chicken

Bai Tong Thai’s Larb Chicken

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Explore Fresh Food straight from the Kitchen

Some dishes simply don’t travel well in a takeaway container and we believe they should be enjoyed within minutes after being cooked. Try a freshly cooked Pad Thai straight from the wok and compare it to a takeaway version – no doubt you will notice the difference.

Our chefs know the art of presenting the food beautifully, so your eyes will also enjoy exploring your dish before your palate does.

Our signature dish Choor Muang used to be served only at the Thai palace to the king. Preparing this dish is an ancient art that almost got lost, even in Thailand.

Come and Dine with us – you will Love the Experience

Bai Tong Thai Tempe takes special pride in ensuring our customers have a rewarding experience dining in our restaurant. We strive to offer you the tastiest dishes set in a contemporary decor and served by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Bai Tong Thai Tempe is an exciting new culinary experience that raises the bar for Thai cuisine. Please contact our restaurant manager to make a booking.